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The Butler Way
Author David Woods
Publisher Blue River Press
ISBN 0981928935
EAN/ISBN-13 Code 9780981928937
cpgID BD92837
Published 11/01/2009
Your Price $17.95
CC: Lbs: 1.04 Oz:
Format: Trade Paper Size: 6 x 9 Pages: 298

In The Butler Way by David Woods you will relive the glory of the Butler Bulldogs basketball program and all the great teams from the 1920s through the 2009 season. You will get to know the greatest players and coaches both past and present. David Woods captures the essence of this remarkable basketball program and gives you a front row seat to one of Americas most storied college basketball programs, Butler Universitys Butler Bulldogs.

"Smart, tough, and unselfish. Disciplined, confident, and poised. Competitive, freely, and with great joy. Those characteristics have been on display through multiple classes of players and a number of head coaches, which speaks to the essence of Butler's sustained success. There are many ways to achieve championship-level success in D-1 college basketball, and Butler has found its own way The Butler Way. - From the Foreword by Clark Kellogg

"If you want to learn how basketball is played in its purest form  the team game  learn all you can about Butler hoops. They represent what college basketball is all about. This book is awesome, baby! - Dick Vitale

The book opens with a discussion of the Butler way. Barry Collier, a former Butler player, was hired as coach in 1989 and slowly rebuilt a program that had declined since the days of Tony Hinkle. Collier emphasized the Butler way, which featured team play. The whole of Colliers teams was always greater than the sum of the parts, and that tradition was extended to the coaches that followed. The book also covers great players, teams and seasons in the history of the Butler mens basketball program.

Butler coaches Thad Matta, Todd Lickliter and Brad Stevens have all taken teams to the NCAA Tournament. Fans will also be pleased to read about the famed Hinkle Fieldhouse, the greatest coaches, teams, players and great moments in the storied history of Butler basketball. The book is peppered with quotes and photos, stats and more.

David Woods has covered the Olympic games for The Indianapolis Star over the past twenty years, and he has been their beat writer for Butler basketball since 2001 and maintains the premier blog for the Butler Bulldogs. He is also the author of Underdawgs, which centers on the teams 2010 season.eBooks are available through your favorite eBook provider

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